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Ardhra Chraitable Trust

                                            Aardra charitable trust was inaugurated on the 27 th of January 2013 under Kottayam diocese of the Jacobite Syrian Church with the intention of contributing to the social progress of all categories of people in the western parts of the Diocese. Ardra strives to help the poor and needy by providing primary necessities, education, medical care, job-training, marriage assistance, employment. This charitable Trust has been formed under the church to bring into practice what our Lord taught us- what little you are doing to the poor you are doing unto me. Our Lord has shown us through His deeds that it is in relieving the sufferings of the poor that the name God is glorified. Hence it is our humble efforts to glorify the name of our Lord.Social service activities of the Trust comprises of a Primary Health Centre, Ambulance Service and Counselling Center.



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